Flytraps 2 by Zammy

Flytraps 2- By Zammy

New Moebius video/collection of “Flytrap” type tricks since the first video back in 2009.

If you do not know what a Flytrap is, its the fusion of 1a and 5a put together to make this neat risky style. It combines the 5a “swing” of the dice with the 1a suicide loop catch except you are catching the open slipknot loop. There is also “No-handed flytraps” where it is both the suicide loop AND the slipknot loop.

Very risky tricks.


I watch your vids and find it hard to reply. Why? Because amazement can only be described so many ways.

You’re definitely someone that I would really enjoy meeting. I know your thoughts and insights about yoyoing would broaden my own view.

Keep it up and thanks for another great vid!

Don’t drop that beautiful code 2!!!

Incredible video.

That’s just incredibly sick and creative all wrapped up in one unbelievable vid!!!

What was your inpiration to start doing that?

Hey Matt, thanks for appreciating my work. This is a video that has been long been put to the side, just had to finally do it. Most yoyoers really cannot grasp the concepts for it because most will think “What is the point of this?” since most have a competition mind.

It really just started out of mistake to be honest when I was fiddling around with Moebius. One of those sparks of genius. the very first “Flytrap” trick was known as “ID”. I simily dropped the loop and made it come back…ever since then I’ve been expanding on it.

I think a lot of people either do not like my material and simply ingnore it or actually do like it and merely do not say anything like what you just said. Thank you very much and perhaps someday we will bump into eachother perhaps?


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I am thrilled that not everyone is focused on competition. That would be too one dimensional. Throughout history artists and innovators have been rarely fully appreciated by their contemporaries. Good thing they had the passion to plow through that.

Thanks for sharing the background.

Zammy You yet fail to amaze me just a beautiful style you have you just give the people who have a hard time making up their own tricks hope