"Flytraps" a video+text description of them.

(Zammy Ickler ) #1

I forgot to post this on here, so I am kind enough to share this with you guys as well.


Within the video I give a small detail on what they are but I wanted to type out a little bit longer of a text description on what they are. Essentially, this is what I consider the real “suicide” variation that is done using the slipknot/moebius. I say this is a new type of trick, but then again it may not be truthful. So I put down that I’ve been expanding on it.

What the trick basically is, is that you open up the slipknot and you mount it in a various way, do a certain motion, and when you do that you let go, causing it project away to whatever direction you have it, and the slipknot opens in the air, with that you get your middle or whatever finger back into the hold.

The varying degrees of the trick is depending on timing, string tension and the speed of the motion you project it. Each is a little different on how one can present it.

Out of the seven presented, Zohar has the most “depth” to it.

Try them out! Have fun~



Wow that’s really good. I would indeed call this a suicide variation, and an awesome one at that. :smiley: