i have been workin on suicides. when i throw the loop over my throw hand i catch it with my non throw hand pointer and thumb. i put my pointer inside the loop but my thumb pinches it on the outside. Is this a suicide or no? i think its just my instincts telling me to do it or somthing

I’d call it a suicide if you’re catching a loop from mid-air. :slight_smile:

Sounds like you have added a little twist to the trick, try it with the pinch and without, then see what stuff you can do using the pinch.

you mean like use the the pinch to go into like a slack trick. pretty good idea i must say

yup :smiley:

yeah pop it off and go into slack trapeze really quickly

I believe what your saying is that instead of sticking you inex finger into the loop, you pinch it. It can be debated weather or not this is actually a suicide, i’d say no though. If you were to do that in a trick ladder it would never fly. If you having problems catching it on your finger, check you string tension before hand, and you can also you your other fingers (when in a trapeze) to open up the loop and then throw it. I find this makes the loop bigger and easier to catch.

Yeah check the string tension and just practice.

I catch the loop and do like a textbook suicide about a third of the time, but i think its just my instincts making me catch it like that