I was more surprised that this could actually happen than anything. I felt compelled to show someone.


That was stupid.

Nah, just kidding, that was awesomely stupid!


If only I could get such glorious string tension and have the suicide skills of such.

That was stupid sick. :wink:


Use a swivel! Perfect tension all the time!

(M.DeV1) #5

I call hax.


Still trying to figure out what happened. Did you get into a houdini and switch the loops on your thumb and index or something?


He swung the mount from a houdini around his NTH and over his TH (counter clockwise if you’re right handed, clockwise if you’re left) into a kinda 1.5 but opposite and on the other hand type of thing. Then you unroll back into a houdini, except this time you’ll have an extra wrap in the gap. You then do a suicide to undo that extra wrap (at least I’m pretty sure that’s whats going on). Pretty cool suicide, pretty satisfying to land!


Hippos has it right. It’s a tiny suicide that only goes around the yoyo and undoes a single wrap. It’s more impressive when you do it than when you watch it because you get the feeling that it shouldn’t even be possible.


So it’s basically a miniature version of the suicide that goes from a locked trapeze to a regular trapeze.


That was STU-pid dawg