5A continued trapeze??

Hey, If you know follow, the movement you do for that (the pinch and release endleslly), have you ever doen with with your non throw hand with a counterweighted yoyo? and is it a trick yet? Thanks!

EDIT: so the strings should be about 75-80 degrese apart from eachother when the yoyo’s spinning.

EDIT: You arn’t in a trapeze when you start the follow motion, you’d about half way through thr 5A trapeze mount, then you can land in trapeze!

EDIT: Ok, I’ve done some research and have discovered a better way to discribe it. It’s basicly a windmill without grabbing the counterweight every time around, instead, using your thumb and pointer to make the windmills keep going.

well the 5A trapeze is more of a mounted pinwheel. you realease the CW and the yoyo and then catch and mount. they do this to add a bit of flare which makes it more for 5A. yes it is a trick and doing tricks with both of youir hands is the point of doing 5A:releasing the yoyo and switching hands.

you didn’t get wat I was saying.

I understand. I was actually fooling around with that the other day. I’m not much of a 5a guy though, so I can’t tell you if it’s used in anything else. It’s definitely fun and flashy though : D

then what were you saying? how about telling me what it really means instead telling me that i’m wrong. i just tried to help and thought that was the answer.

Sorry, posted really quickly  :frowning: didn’t mean to be rude.

What happens is the yoyo isn’t in a trapeze when you start. Ill try to find a video of a 5A trapeze, then I can explain it better.
http://www.youtube.com/user/themiggymigs#p/a/u/0/CP1lyIvGXwE ok, here’s the only video I could find at the moment. So around 7-8 seconds, the 5A trapeze. So just do that, but pinch the string and keep it going, so almost like if you did that but it spun twice, or more, times around your finget. There should be no loops around your finger when you do this and the yoyo should stay on your finger only by pinching and releasing of the string. I’ll try to make a video today of what I mean. Thanks!

And @ yoyoblaze: i’m really sorry if I offended you, posted really quickly and was just hoping to tell you that what you posted wasn’t what I was talking about. Please don’t hold that aginst me.

EDIT: so it’s basicly just repeating windmills with the follow motion. With a mount into trapeze at the end.

well windmills are basically the same as pinwheels. if you look at pinwheel tutorial here at YYE you’ll see its the same.

Ok, so repeating windmills/pinwheels but with the yoyo not mounted…? ???

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-gy2u9rnf4c ?