5A trick help

I help some problem with the trick windmill in 5a. I just can’t do it simultaneously and when i try to do that, the yoyo just hit the ground. Can you guys give me some tips. Beside, i use speedaholic and kilter 2 for 5a play, are they good at 5a? Thanks

Are you dropping the yoyo? Or is it long enough to hit the ground? What exactly is happening?

I drop the yoyo. I just don’t know how to keep the yoyo one my hand. I use short string while playing 5a so i am pretty sure that my problem doesn’t come from string.

Make sure you’re giving the yoyo enough momentum to swing around and also make sure that you’re releasing at the right time and point. I don’t know what tutorial you used to learn it but I think the tutorial on definitiveyoyoing.com does a great job of explaining the details of it.

If your issue is with catching the counterweight, that’ll just come with practice.

As for what to use, I think the Kilter is great for 5a, it’s actually what I use myself. I don’t think the Speedaholic would be very good for it. It’s not very stable or forgiving.