You ever at that place..

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Where you want to just cause havoc. You want to make people mad. You want to see people arguing, tempers rising, chaos happening.

You want there to be madness, rage, total destruction of everything.

You want someone to fall down, and you want someone to laugh at them.

You want to see friendships ruined, lives destroyed.

tempers rising higher and higher.

you want to cause it, you want to see it happen. You want people to hate you, hate others…

You want nothing more, than seeing the entire world fall into total chaos, and sit back and laugh, cause its all you ever wanted.

What would you do?



Unmute Master L/R and start the concert.


Never know, never will, I think.


I’d talk to my pastor about it.


I’ve never felt that way.

I always want to inspire others, motivate, and help others achieve their dreams. I’m all about personal growth and deepening my understanding of others and my own relationships. I don’t like to cause pain or any type of suffering because I want people to live a fulfilling life that they’re grateful for and embrace each day.



I have read enough of your comments to know you thrive on being edgy and pushing peoples buttons and I am going to read this post as another submission of Jayyo’s incendiary demagoguery.

With that said, friend, this post reads like something written by a sociopath. If there be even a vein of veracity in your comment you are on the underside of appropriate societal attitudes. Java’s right, perhaps a visit with clergy is in order.


meanwhile on YYN a while back a religion debate was brought up. Instant flame war. Please, notalk about religion here…


In short, no.

(Jei Cheetah) #9




i feel like this all the time, thats why i box, wrestle, play football, and am a rokyu in judo :stuck_out_tongue:


yoyoing blows off steam


The young man asked a question, and I gave him a short simple answer. There won’t be nothin’, if you don’t start nothin’.


Isn’t it interesting with just the mention of the words; “pastor” and “clergy” there is allegations of “religion debate”, “Instant flame war” and a plea for “no talk about religion”. The truth of the matter is there had been absolutely no mention whatsoever of anything remotely close to a theological comment anywhere in the thread.

Perhaps we should have taken this approach;
“I’d talk to My Little Pony about it…”


Round that point, I’m easily irritated and can start shouting swears if a person simply bumps into me by accident. And Josh, I must say, your are posts are very similar to Gilda’s personality lol.


Hmm… You should work on that.

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Some men just want to watch the world burn…


Dang it I was going to post that… :smiley:



A thousand times YES.

You said it so well. Just



No, Not really.


Some men are just kids.