I hate (my tribute to Jayyo)

Hi guys, so I was vocal about the latests (in)famous Jayyo’s threads and whatnot. I like the guy, like a lot. So after a FB discussion, I figured I’d go jayyo myself and post a piece of my mind as well. feel free to flame or love.

so here’s how it all started. I’ve seen many posts (FB, forums etc…) starting by the words “I hate”.

So I ended up posting this (in the course of several messages within a conversation)

yea I know I’m full of myself :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

peace guys, yoyo=love


i hate this post
i love this post thank you for telling us and using you time on this

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yea well… not sure how to take it, so I gave you a “thank you” ^^ :smiley:

take the i hate this post away

You hit the nail on the head how I feel about throwing. I started a little over a year ago. I started after seeing Jensen’s 2010 Worlds video. (Haters gonna hate) I love throwing. I get the weirdest looks as I am 31 years old. I used throwing as stress relief, used during my last semester of my masters and as my study break why passing the CPA exam. Long story short, when I throw my mind is cleared, nothing but me and a hunk of metal creating my own personal art. Regardless if others appreciate it.

This is recreation, if you lost your love for it put it down, chill, come back later.

As far as Jayyo, in his own words he is legit. I enjoy his inserted opinions and find myself agreeing with him.

people like to say it’s not about how old you are (youngsters do), but truth is, with age comes experience. Taking care of the bills, parenthood, traveling, “back against the wall” moments and stuff.

this is why I like jay actually, as far as i know he’s still “fresh”, the ideas are good, but once you put these through “adulthood”, if you still have them afterward, I’d say you’re “legit”

so yes, with the meaning, I do agree, this is more or less how I think. But all the 30yo+ married with kids and whatnot probably know the difference there is between saying these words as a teen or young adult, and having the same ideas once you already went through a chuck of life on your very own and figure out how it is to live up to his own ideas. I’ve had this discussion with a teen lately. Life as a more or less “responsible” adult really takes its toll on your ideals. Everyone can have ideas about how life or people should be, not everyone can carry on through life and keep these ideas.

once your good friends start their lives, have kids and whatnot, you often end up on your own, it’s more difficult to make friends as more and more people just discard you as a “weirdo”.

So my message here is “take it easy, enjoy yourself and be true to yourself as time goes”

so maybe people who went through life can appreciate more the good sides of throwing (amongst other things) because of all the stuff they went through, all the negativity surrounding us and our need to cope with it everyday just to be able to have a somewhat “normal” life.

If you’re over 30 and throwing yoyos, it puts you in lots of uncomfortable situations, people judging you and being negative towards you, if you get told “you’re playing with a kid’s toy” when you’re 19, imagine what it is when you’re 30, 40, 50? Because at that age, people saying this to you have more power, they can refuse you a job because of it, they can basically ruin your life (well I might be exaggerating here, a little) because you don’t live up to their “standards” of what a “normal adult” should be.

the kids, you can just ignore them, but when it’s your boss, the guy who decides whether or not you can pay your bills, it’s a whole different story and sometimes you just have to cope with the BS just to be able to keep going, live to fight another day.

so in some ways you have to “act” for the sake of your well being, for the sake of your family, your kids, so they don’t have to pay for who you are or what you do. It brings some relativity to the whole “be legit”.

so rather than “be legit” I’d like to say “be as legit as you can without making others paying for your legitimacy”

which brings me back to my point, don’t judge others because you don’t know where they gone through. it’s easy to criticize on the internet and take postures and whatnot. But some of us can’t afford to be as legit as they would like to, it doesn’t make them lesser people.

yoyo=love we all went through different paths and we all have one thing in common, and this is a positive thing. Let us all respect the difference between people. Don’t be judging others like “YYF Fanboys” or “non-original throwers”, rather, accept them as they are, share whatever you can that is positive with them. it’ll always be better than, more or less anonymously being a critic and a judge of how others should enjoy themselves.

we all experience hate, anger and negativity, it’s what we do with it that defines how good of a person we are. And art in general, in my opinion, is a great way to turn negativity into something beautiful, there might be other ways I don’t know about, art works fine for me.

Hate isn’t just amongst yoyoers. It’s everywhere. It seems that people love to hate as it provides a means to place oneself above another, to discount their opinion, ability, or trivialize the challenges they are facing. This is much easier than trying to improve ones own self, to consider something new, to try something outside the comfort zone, to grow as a person. To hate because someone is attempting to gain knowledge and experience is a trend that needs to be recognized as a weakness. Some of those that are accomplished, or view their selves as accomplished at a skill, or knowledgeable in a field, use hate to prevent others from rising to challenge them.

Hate keeps people from trying new things; they know they will be called newb and made fun of. It becomes easier and easier to hate anything new or anything you don’t understand. It offers an excuse not to try, to hide from failure, to limit yourself because you’re afraid of the challenge.

In the end, haters are bound by the shackles of the self imposed limitations of hate. I really don’t want limits put on me, by others. Why would I want to create limitations for myself instead of opportunities?


Truer words hae never been spoken.