You dont fool me, Duncan

Why would you ever buy a momentum for $100+ dollars when you could get a yyj with synergy caps?
A momentum is a mayhem with FHZ size stacks and synergy caps, yet duncan markets synergy caps like its the second coming of the yoyo world, why? ???

Because some people are brand elitist and only throw Duncan and maybe some of the pros wanted to be able to compete with hubstack like tricks.

Duncan also has the habit of pretending it’s the only yoyo company out there.

Don’t get me wrong I love Duncan but this stuff does happen.

Ok. Think about what you are saying.

  1. There are $120+ YYF premiums with hubstacks.
  2. There are YYJ’s with synergy caps.
  3. There are 4XL’s with jimmyhats.
  4. There are duncan and their hubstack things.

Why don’t you blame Werrd or YYF instead?
Also, synergy caps don’t work even close to as well as the duncan stacks.

The momentum is nothing like the FHZ. Yes, similar shape and such, but it is a completely different beast on the string.

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Honestly, yyf has pretty much owns the name hubstack and ive never seen a weerd, its a pretty well, weird company.
This is a werrd 4XL

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Werrd is awesome.

Chillax. Many companys use what are simalar to hubstacks or synergy caps.

Knowing how to spell Werrd is also awesome.

Thanks! hahaaha

synergy caps arent sold anymore if u didnt know and so what if duncan can sell a yoyo for 100 plus. seynergy caps have vibe if u can get ahold of them. the momentum is metal, long spinning has hubstacks and has 3 bearings which make the cost go up have u seen yyf replacement hubstacks full kit with hubstacks bearing and oring it is 20 bucks (no offence to yyf i love them) so a mayhem is wat like 70-90 ish + 20 it is like 90-110 money wise. i find that perfectly reasonable considering it is metal, long spinning good play and has hubstacks.

Lets eat Grandma
Let’s eat, Grandma

Grammar saves lives, USE IT


the momentum isnt even there first stacked yo the stunt pilot was

by ‘stunt pilot’ i assume you meant ‘doblé titania’.

Guys, stop trying to fool him, he’s caught on.

mista8eight8, congratulations, you have caught Duncan. They were trying to fool all of us, but you caught them! Boy, do we all feel silly!

Wow Ed, thats really cool, how old is it?

Haha not fail! ;D

0.o i gotta get one…