I see what Adam meant now…

OMFG, I just saw it!!! wowowowowowowowowowzzzzaaaaasssssss!!!

Do those hubstacks work the same as the YYF ones?

I hear they work, but are held in place differently than the actual YYF stacks.

Can anybody confirm that this is NOT a MayheM with stacks. Because it sure looks like a MayheM with stacks.

For the most part, the Specs didn’t change very much at all. The only big change was the weight, which is because of the added weight the stacks put on it. The change in specs were really small, but there were some.

To me though, it also looks like a MayheM with stacks. I think this is what every one was talking about. I heard Jason say, “If you ever play the MayheM, play the one without stacks.”, I think this is the “stacked one”.

Are those imitation z-stacks?

You probably didn’t see this thread:

There’s a whole discussion on it in there.

If you were mad at Duncan for adding the stacks, play with it and you won’t be. That throw is amazing!

Momentum has a SPYY/Hspin sized bearing, so thats different to the Mayhem.