New Duncan MayheM Release! 2/8 @ 8PM EST!


Duncan is breathing some new life into one of their old school favorites. This is the new and improved MayheM!

The MayheM was one of the first premium metal yo-yos in Duncan’s Screaming Eagle lineup. Originally modeled after the classic FHZ shape, Duncan gave the new MayheM a similar comfortable organic profile with an updated weight distribution for modern performance. It has a stable and powerful feel in play with a nice presence on the string that begs you to keep on throwing!

Machined in the USA and available in some great colors, the new MayheM is sure to be a crowd favorite in the new Duncan lineup!

Friday Feb 8th @ 8PM EST!


Wow this looks like a legit awesome throw

({John15}) #3

These were machined by One Drop! Source:


We have reached peak organic


Made in the USA
Great size

What’s not to like?


Reminds me of the overture and parlay!!

(Choncworth) #7

Price check? @YoYoExpertGarrett


Looks to be $70

(Choncworth) #9

Thank you very much.


$70-80 depending on color way.

(Choncworth) #11

Helps if I read the first post huh :man_facepalming:t3:

Thank you for putting up with my :crazy_face:


Got one, crazy the # of One Drop Collabs and machining going on. This Throw Excites me more than anything right now, stoked to have scored the last Green one.

(ZAC) #13

I just picked one up my self. I went in planning on buying green but the pink fade caught my eye at the last second.

(Choncworth) #14

Snagged a Blue! Woohoo.