First Impressions of the Duncan One Drop Mayhem


Wow!! This thing is so cool. It reminds me a bit of the first time I touched a Hatrick in 2011. I knew the concept of Organic bulbously rounded throws but that Hatrick really made me fall in love with the shape. As throws got larger and more competition based we see stronger “V” shapes and Hybrids thereof. Obviously I’m aware of a resurgence of Organic, Rounded “O” shapes but none really got me like that first Hatrick. The MMC is my favorite monometal, I tried the Grail, Monocle, 000, Overture…etc. But these Yoyo’s never seemed to have got that same Juicy Roundness feel… The Mayhem is it!!! This thing is more rounded and more organic feeling than any throw I’ve ever felt, if you like the feeling of absolutely no “edges” this Duncan fits the bill!! The play is medium paced, stable and smooth as heck. If you took the Magic of the MMC and that amazing One Drop Quality and feel and you Rounded the whole thing off, you’d get this. Plus, it comes with my favorite bearing ever, the Difeyo Konkave. I’m a bit upset and maybe a bit biased because I was wanting to contact FPM about Machining a YOYO and the Mayhem is pretty much exactly what I wanted. Don’t know how many there will be but this screams instant classic. I know I said “Rounded” a lot but that’s what it is.