duncan yoyo

Has anybody treid the momentum that thing looks sweet. And if you have can you tell me how it plays.

I have tried one at my local yoyo store. I haven’t had much time with it, so I can’t exactly post a review, but I will say this:

If you’ve played a Mayhem, it’s exactly like that but with Z-Stacks. (or, whatever Duncan wants to call them)

If you haven’t played a Mayhem:


That’s all I’ve gotta say.

It’s supposed to be a Mayhem with stacks, and I have played a Mayhem, and it was super smooth. Not sure what it had for response though. It’s definitely a nice little yoyo.

I have played the Mayhem and the Momentum, they both are very good yo-yo’s, however, I like the Mayhem more. They are both very smooth as others said, and the grinding surface is so awesome. They are both amazing yo-yo’s, and you will be happy with either of them.

I’m die’n for a Mayhem, I keep reading great things about it.

I believe it’s Duncan Silicone Stickers. But I’m not completely positive. I’ll check it out again this Saturday. It’s dead unresponsive as well, if you were wondering.

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