Hey guys!
This is just a little video of me using my three favorite throws: Duncan Momentum, Mayhem and Raptor!
Hope you all enjoy!  ;D

nice video! some smooth tricks in there

is the momentum a really good yoyo? i was thinking about getting one eventually. do your prefer it over the mayhem?

If you’re not one who normally uses hubstacks or like the sound of hubstacks, I would definately go with the Mayhem, but playwise, I like the mayhem better.

awesome video! :smiley: i was a little disspointed that you didnt actually “use” the Momentum. :-\

but still awesome tricks… i loved the part with your foot

Actually buddy, I used the Momentum just as much as the Mayhem. I had the Raptor a little less in there becasue I’ve done a video of me using it already. The Momentum (if you didn’t catch it) was green with the white z-stacks. I took them off later, so it probably looked like a Mayhem. but the first shot, foot shot, both tricks where yo-yos change, the farther away (crooked) shot, and the black hop combo all had the Momentum.