One Throw- A Short Combo


Made a real quick video, let me know what you think.


Ayeee!! there it is!! haha sweet video man! like the background, the music, the tricks. heck yeah bro. but eww… Duncan? really? hahaha jk. but really…


Thanks man! And yeah, Duncan Raptors are fantastic. It’s about the only Duncan yoyo I like.


The only one i like is the Mosquito hahahahahaa

(Owen) #5

He has a face!

How long have you been throwing?


I do! And 365 days today!!!




Thanks man!

(Owen) #9

365 more and you’ll be better than me!

You’re really good, and that string is looking good!


Thanks buddy! I would have made a longer video showing more of what I can do, but it was really cold. You can’t see because of the lighting scenario, but my hands were really red, and some tricks that I would do (not in the video :/) would be a lot harder to do since it was so cold.


Rad man! I should make a one throw video too :wink: you’re great man, congrats on the 1 year of throwing. Keep it up :slight_smile:


Thanks man!