Thoughts on Duncan MKT

(Spinworthy Glen) #1


If you own or have used a Duncan MKT, please share your thoughts on it; I’m interested in buying one.

Also, it this one 7075? There’s a bit of conflicting info on that.


(Spinworthy Glen) #2

Well this has been quite revealing of what people think of this yoyo…

Apparently not much at all!


I have one, it’s sort of a general jack of all trades yo-yo with a bit of a more classic throwback shape. A lot of the mid-range metal Duncans basically get ignored.

I can sell you mine, if you want. It’s purple.


Glen bured the lede here. He was looking for a bigger yo-yo with the profile of the :face_vomiting: DV888.

image image

He’s right though, this is kinda that shape, but larger, and with decent weight distribution so it doesn’t play like a tiny furious rock that does everything in its power to kill you each time you throw it. MKT is a completely decent yo-yo, but now I understand why I said “classic throwback shape” … I could not put my finger on it, but it’s in the ballpark of DV888 shape :laughing:

(Spinworthy Glen) #5

Apparently I can’t just write this:




I think this is one of Duncan’s better offerings in their current line up. It has a nice feel in the hand at 54.9mm diameter, is very stable and spins for a while with the Koncave bearing. It weights in at 66g and even fits Duncan side caps if you want extra weight or be old school cool. Going to lace this one up with some fresh YYSL Type X today and throw it around.

({John15}) #7

Hey Glen, the od rebirth is in that same shape category. I’m a shameless fanboy