Vendetta - Duncan's Next Big Thing?

Duncan Vendetta - A Review

Oh, Duncan. When I yoyo around Muggles, about three in every ten will reference “Duncan” at some point, and for good reason. Duncan, in their 80 year history, has really done good work with popularizing yoyoing. The Butterfly and Imperial are favorites among them, some have even dabbled in a Throw Monkey or Freehand Zero. However, Duncan has really been out of the scene in terms of high end metals. They have the metal zero, a solid player, and the MG that we all know of. However, what about that $80-ish range that we all love so much? Oh yeah. Duncan just delivered.

**DICLAIMER - The yoyo that I purchased for $75 is a pre-release. Therefore, I do not know what in terms of color schemes, graphics, price, or anything else will transfer into the finished product.

**DISCLAIMER 2 - I’m really tired after IYYO. Sorry if this review isn’t as good.

**DISCLAIMER 3 - My lousy photography skills do not affect the play of the yoyo.

Looks - When you get right down to it, this yoyo is a pretty good look. Gold anno, some sick engravings, even a little eagle engraved by the hub on each side. Very classy. The anno is mad shiny as well, something that makes me happy. I would like if it said “Duncan” somewhere, but that’s OK.

Shape - Hmmmm. The shape is brilliant in its simplicity. Sorta pointed edge swoops into the center. Comfortable. Maybe a bit sharp (not anything like the Luchador) but its not too bad. In terms of gap, its a tad small, and we’ll discuss that later. The size is good, pretty similar to a FHZ in diameter. Makes me smile.

Play - If you don’t mind, I’m going to guide you through my first few moments with this yoyo, including my thoughts (in italics.)

Unboxing. Wow, this box is really confusing. I don’t approve.
First throw Wow. Duncan stepped their game up.
A few combos Wow, Duncan REALLY stepped their game up.
A few more combos. Duncan, you may have stepped your game up, but Friction Stickers still suck, end of story.

Yes it’s true. The Vendetta might be the smoothest yoyo I’ve ever thrown. Although it saddens me, it outsmooths my Peak, all of my SPYYs (Past and present) and pretty much everything. I tossed an H2O today, the Vendetta beats it out. Incredible work by Duncan, really. I was quite shocked, getting it at only $75 for such a good player. Really fantastic. HOWEVER, in their classic Duncan way, they included Friction Stickers. If I may suggest something to Duncan - stop putting friction stickers in, and save me the trouble of taking them out and throwing them away. Just leave the recess empty. I slapped a Kentaro in there, plays like a dream. The small-ish gap causes no snags, and the bind is nice and tight every single time.

Random Notes - Its not a grinder. So if you planned on some funky dance moves, I apologies, you’ll have to look elsewhere. The Vendetta doesn’t rock that so well. It’s essentially silent except on a lame throw (but its very forgiving in terms of tilt.)

Well, uh, that’s it. I hope you’ve enjoyed my medium sized review of sorts, and hope that you plan on getting a Vendetta sometime soon! For then, here’s some suggested listening to go along with your Vendetta’s personality.

Black Balloon - The Goo Goo Dolls
I’m Your Captain - Grand Funk Railroad
Every Mile A Memory - Dierks Bentley

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AMAZING review.

Reminds me of what I say to dryoyo every time he writes a review.

Awesome review! Wait, how did you get the Vendetta before us? Oh wait, IYYO, oh yeah!

Happy Throwing! =]

I thought it came with silicone stickers?

Great review.

Is It large or small bearing? I would assume small, but I can’t be sure…

Vendetta - large bearing
MayheM - small bearing

great review.
liked the last bit about the music.
makes me want to go buy one…if only i wasw not broke. :-[

when will it come out so all of us can get one

great review

I want one!

Great review!
Seems like Duncan is back in the game! :smiley:

Nice review. Seems Duncan really wants to be in the high-end metal picture. Now I’ve got another yo-yo to consider when I get my first metal.

Great review Xdohl! That yo-yo is pretty impressive… I would have never thought that it was a Duncan.