Pics of the new Duncans up at



Looks too awsome to be true! :smiley:


Both look sick!
Especially coming from Duncan, it looks like their very serious in competing with the other high-end metal yoyos.
Very awesome.

(Jesse) #4

Hopefully it won’t have friction stickers like the Metal Zero though…


I tried the Vandetta and it is awesome. I love the shape and feel of it, and it is really really smooth.


Whoa! Is that brand from Duncan???

Happy Throwing! =]


My thoughts exactly.

They look nice, I hope they’re nothing like Metal Zero’s.


They are NOTHING like metal zero’s.

(Mikey) #9



It should be unresponsive. Finally, Duncan steps up its game! Let’s hope it’s affordable!


I bet Vendetta is first in line for the Vendetta!


You made a username funny! :slight_smile:

(JayVee) #13

Duncan finally has decent looking metals. Does anyone know if it still uses friction stickers?


Mayhem uses Duncan Silicon Stickers (and unresponsive)… not sure what the Vendetta uses though - the one I tried wasn’t production (and I wasn’t impressed… but as I said I didn’t try a production run)

Mayhem is nice though ;D Its a huge improvement from the metal zeros


where the heck are you guys looking all i see are some trick vids


The Metal Zero has Friction Stickers.

Most Duncan’s do. If they don’t, it would probably be the Freehand-Z proto, Freehand-Y prototype, or the Freehand-Glasseye that has the positive and negative starburst looking thing response. Almost like the Velocity minus the dials. And I think it’s non-interchangeable.



yeh about the video how the hell do you spin it through the strings just before you get to the trapeze slack bit… i have no idea how to turn my hand or how or where to swing it…

By the way the yoyo looks sick!!!


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