Duncans all new all aluminum yoyo prototype!...

It’s called the MentasM. I went to a Duncan Demonstration at a local Toys-R-Us and i got to use this new prototype. The one i used was all black, virtually no hubs, and a wide, rounded shape. It is also undersized. very similar size to and 888. except a little thinner.

I didn’t get to use it a whole lot, (less than an hour). but man, it was a beast. It was the smoothest yo i have ever thrown. (smoother than a 888, luchador, Bvm, peak, hectic, pretty much anything). when grinding, I could barely even feel it on my hand.
It also had a good amount of weight to it, so it wasn’t a very fast yoyo,( but it wasn’t slow). I personally prefered this over to the 888.

It looks like Duncan is making a move into the high-doller aluminum yoyo business. And at suspected price of only $80. it’s something most people can afford. I was told it’s coming out in August, most likely at worlds. You guys should definantly pick one up… you will not be disappointed

I think I know what your talking about…

           I tried it, El Hawko had one...

Seems very cool. Undersized is not my thing though.

Wow, that sounds cool. I wish duncan would come to the toys r us near me. I want to try that yoyo!

I would get it but I dont like firstion stickers and I dont like modding.

Yeah. No offense to anyone who likes them but to me it’s friction stickers ftf (for the fail) because they wear out too quick.

I agree, I have the duncan Metal Zero, and I had to spend lots of money of friction stickers. Luckily now I have the 888, which uses silicone!

It utilizes new duncan Silicone stickers (which last a long time) with a deep dual recess… very nice binds and dead unresponsive

I agree… i HATE friction stickers…

i didn’t inspect it closely… but it may have been deep enough for silicone

really, that sounds pretty good!

Well there we go. Yay for Duncan!

This thing is probably gonna receive a lot of hype. In fact, it’s receiving a whole lot now.

For the friction stickers thing they are a good response you just have to know which ones to buy.

There’s only one kind to buy (besides size, that is)…Unless you mean pads, but they are specifically talking about Duncan’s friction stickers.

Yeah. The Duncan friction stickers would be correct.

Ew Duncan Friction stickers.
Those wear out so fast >_>

Don’t you mean El Jake’? Pronounced: El Hawkay
Yeah, it makes sense he’d have one, as he’s on the
Duncan team. If I knew he had one, I would’ve asked to try it
when I saw him at MWR the other day.

I have it confirmed by Brandon Jackson… the yoyo is called the MentasM

BS i hav to see it to believe it

plz keep this forum clean by not swearing.