Chris Makita Signature Yo-Yo! The Duncan MKT!

Duncan team member Chris Makita is known for his flowy tech style and innovative tricks. When we heard he was getting a signature yo-yo we couldn’t wait to try it! This is the Chris Makita signature MKT!

Chris worked closely with the Duncan design team to create his new signature yo-yo. It has the look and feel that you expect from his style and it is an absolute joy to throw! The MKT has a nice rounded h-shape profile with a comfortable feel in the hand. It has some beefy rims for an incredible power on the string and stepped cup that’s great for thumb grinds and compatible with Duncan caps if you want a little extra weight.

The profile has a large bumped out gap with low walls; slightly higher than typical competitive designs, but just high enough for perfect regens and stalls without hindering performance. The MKT plays smooth and solid with excellent stability and great spin times. It can move fast and feels right at home with any trick style!

Releasing Sep 6th @ 8PM EST!

I like it, But there should be include some cool MKT caps imo.

That gives you that FH feel