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He doesnt have preferences, I was thinking protostar, B-Grade Tactic, or Dv888. What do you think?

nevermind, my friend bought a legacy and velocity then quit…on sidewinder


I’d say protostar personally, due to it being much cheaper yet having similar performance.


I have my Tactic and love it

which one do you think is a good one for him

I would say ProtoStar or DV888.
Depending if he likes plastic or metal.
(even though Proto plays so well as a plastic)

i have a tactic and LOVE it

The Protostar has sharper rims, and the Dv888 us more overall smooth. For a first, the Dv888.

The Dv is obviously better just look at the prices

$P!N N3RD, you are asking us to suggest a yo-yo for your preference-lacking friend? You are going to get similar results by just pulling names out of a hat.

We have discussed this before, price does not equal quality.

protostar, if he doesnt have any preferences then even more so. :wink:

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