$40 to spend


I’m looking for a plastic or cheap metal


YYF Northstar or Protostar are great performing plastics at $35 each.

For metals, I’d say the Duncan Raptor hits you at a penny under budget at $39.99. I’m debating getting one of these myself soon.

If you want to go up a tiny bit, there’s the YYF metal dv888. I just got a dv888 and I’m still acclimating myself to it. The YYJ DM2 is a plastic and metal yoyo, and at $42 or so is reasonable. The dv888 is $45, and definitely seems reasonable for the price.

Here what others have to say. Don’t rush to spend your money. Have fun reading everything!


amen! but i think the protostar is a great choice, or the dm2 which is better for grinding. i would choose the dm2 because im sitting here typing and my faithful forbetter or worse companion the dm2 is sitting in front of me, whereas my protostar has constantly had problems and is sitting in my case unused because it destroys bearings.but im guessing i got a defective model of protostar


I think I’ll get a neon protostar thanks for the help


anytime, anytime. have fun


Going with the Protostar? Good choice. Enjoy!


You can’t go wrong with protostar :slight_smile:

Now let me highjack this thread slightly and ask Studio about dv888. ;D

How is it playing so far?


Haven’t touched it in 2 days. Been busy on the phone doing tech support. I’ll get to it this weekend. I have a little photo shoot thing to try to get done today, but I’ll be using my DM2 for that. That is assuming my day doesn’t get bogged down with phone calls.

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Protostar / Di Base[Never owned this before heard it was good] , / Northstar [ Its heavier then the protostar ] , DV888 [ This is a metal so… you might want to get a plastic first ].


Just more follow-up. I did some stuff today that needed me to use my DM2. I’ll be using my dv888 almost exclusively this weekend, with the exception of a on-site computer consulting appointment where I may have to amuse some kids for a bit. Best to go with one’s “comfort zone”, which is my DM2. I should have a better assessment by Sunday.


Well, just a follow-up in the $40 range, or rather the $45 range. The dv888.

I think I was having a bad throw day, because my initial impressions of the dv888 were NOT favorable, but I would rather not condemn something based on the first throws, especially on a day where everything I threw wasn’t going down too well.

First off the size, it’s much smaller than I prefer, but I’m into large throws. The weight, well, it’s light, but it’s small, and light and small go together.

I cleaned some Duncan bearings today so my hands are sore from breaking those in so, it doesn’t help much but I have thrown a lot so my muscles tend to be ready to go for proper throwing, so it’s time to bust out the dv888, which had been in my pocket almost all day long.

What can I say? As I’ve said before, there’s pretty much no yoyo I’ve thrown that I don’t like. The dv888 is not an exception. It feels good in the hand, but not as good as my DM2, but again, preferences. The small size makes it easy to throw good and hard. I’m not throwing for timing. The stock bearing is fine and although I haven’t fully broken in the bearing, it’s playing fantastic.

It’s very light on the string, but it’s not really floaty, it’s just “we get the job done and we’ll do it good”, but not with the sort of authoritative power than say a Speeder 2 will do.

For a no-frills first metal, this is a fantastic little yoyo. I’m certainly glad I have it. I like the Aqua, it looks a lot nicer in person than on the web site. I can see myself throwing this one a lot. It won’t replace my tried and true DM2, but it can get into the rotation more frequently.

The only bad thing I can say is it’s not for beginners. Either learn to bind or learn to bind with this and that’s sufficient. I can bind, I’m enjoying it.