yotricksv2, terrible trader

Finally thought i’d post a thread about yotricksv2 since it’s been almost 2 months and i doubt it will ever be resolved. I’ll just type up the issue real quick, i have all the PMs saved if i need to prove myself, but rather than cut and paste 30 messages i’ll just sum it up:
Made a deal for my Noctu and Albatross for his Monkeyfinger Lio + $20. Told me he’d ship out when i did with the cash in the box. Proceeded to not ship out until a few days after i did, and then told me he didn’t have cash and would just PayPal me the money. Didn’t PayPal the money, every time i asked it was always going to happen soon or as soon as he got paid or in just a few days, always an excuse. Original deal was made June 30th and still haven’t seen my $20 nearly 2 months later. In the meantime he has an active B/S/T thread going and ignores my messages. He already had one negative feedback and i now understand why. Be cautious.