Poke_24 - Proceed with Caution

Making this because I didn’t see another thread about it or his feedback.

Dealt with Poke_24 over a month ago. I bought a throw from him where the deal was he would ship the next day and provide tracking.

I sent payment via PayPal. After he received the payment he stopped responding.

I have not heard from him since June 20 2021.

Never receive my package.

Ultimately had to contact PayPal to get my money refunded (which they refunded Monday).

Please be careful.


I had a similar disappointing deal with them at the beginning of May. They agreed to buy something from me (and reassured me several times “I’m definitely getting them”), said they’d send payment at a certain time, didn’t, then never responded to any other PM.


I’m kinda wondering if something didn’t happen. They seemed pretty active on the forum and then just nothing.


Maybe. It was my first deal on the forum ever so lol. Left a bad taste in my mouth. Luckily my next deal was @JEA86


That @JEA86 taking all of our money!


I actually also had pretty much the exact same experience with this user about three weeks ago. Told me he was going to buy a few throws and send payment at a certain time, didn’t, and never responded to any other PM’s for whatever reason. I wasn’t even going to really bring it up, but now that i’m seeing he’s done this several times i figured i’d just mention it also.


Bringing this up again because Pierre just had issues with him as well. His real name is Christopher Cameron from PA. Please be careful as he is still scamming people.

Here’s a direct link to his profile without mentioning him.


Dang I have dealt with Chris a few times in the past with no issues…. Wonder what’s going on?

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I just checked in with him on Facebook half an hour ago about a throw that I purchased in mid August and he replied immediately. Sounds like he had a family medical emergency to deal with, his son was in the hospital for about 2 weeks. I sent him my address again and hopefully it should ship out tomorrow.

I did business with him in June. If you have an emergency and can’t ship stuff people buy then don’t take their money. Simple as that.

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That’s all well and good until the emergency happens after you’ve made the sale.

You can’t schedule around emergencies, that’s the very nature of them.

To be clear, I’m not advocating for either side, just making an observation.

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My point is stop making transactions with people.

Why is he making transactions with people after the fact?

Deal with your ■■■■. Then make transactions with people.

He scammed me in June. @chrondor made a transaction with him in AUGUST. Why are you still making transactions if you have an emergency?

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I didn’t realize that. I hadn’t tracked the calendar dates.

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No problem.

To me if someone keeps doing something over a 3 month period, they are doing it on purpose.