So I have the yotricks.com app for my iPod and decided to check out the website. I saw that their yoyos where super cheap($6) and that one of them can be made unresponsive super easily. So I was just wondering if any of you have one or a few of their yoyos(for some reason I seriously doubt it). I was also wondering if the website was a rip off. Or if they take super long to deliver and then tell you it will be there in a week and then a month later you fet the yoyo. So ya know, just want some input before I order a throw from them.

I saw the same thing and I thought about getting the luminator with an unresponsive kit but for the price I thought that it would be a rip off or they would have crappy yoyos. You should try cause I wouldn’t mind buying for $6.

I was looking if I could buy a luminator on amazon because I trust their shipping and it was $16 to get the yoyo. You can get the unresponsive kit I think it is for that price in yotrick, but I have no idea how much the shipping is.

I have that app and think it’s pretty cool, but as for the yoyos they have I’ve never heard of them before. I would assume they’re similar to yomega yoyos though.

I’ve heard mixed things about that line of yoyos. Almost all of that I’ve read here. Unfortunately, it’s mixed. There’s a few “loves”, but most are not necessarily bad, but are not favorable.

The guy teaching the tricks is good though as are the videos. I like to get my information from a lot of places so I can get a more complete picture. I like the YYE/Expert Village videos, BUT, my issue is that in some cases, stuff is left out, or I need more angles, or in some instances, I need more information or perhaps different information. But, that’s an “in general statement”. Sometimes stuff just won’t click for me from one source.

For a DIY “responsive to unresponsive conversion kit”, I guess that’s not too bad. I could find other ways to spend the money and not have to deal with that. However, that’s just opinion. For someone who needs a DIY solution and to get that sense of accomplishment, well, money can get the parts, but it can’t buy that experience. We all have to start somewhere. This is just as good of a method as anything else to get started in feeling comfortable working on our yoyos.

Thanks for all the help y’all. I think that in a few weeks when I have the allowance that I will go with the luminator with a kit. Notsurewhinch yet, but most likely I will go with the unresponsive.

i have it, plays alot like a modded FH2 when unresponsive, i really like it.

Where did you get it. And if you got it from yotricks, what was the shipping like?

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I know it’s not a line that YYE carries, but even so, it’s more appropriate for this to go to private discussion.

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I have a Luminator and quite like it. It’s surprisingly versatile, especially for the price. One thing to note is that the bearing is a weird size (small, but not an A nor a D). So you don’t have a lot of options for where to buy bearing replacements.

Last year, I carried around some Luminators to give to nieces and nephews, as well as any strangers who showed an interest in throwing. When they were all gone, I got a case of ONEs for the same purpose.

I’ll PM the OP with shipping thoughts, but I can second the other comments about the trick videos on Yotricks. They are tightly shot and very informative. The overlap with Andre’s list is high, but not complete. So it’s a good place to go if you are looking for another take on a trick. Lately, I’ve been visiting Andre’s videos and High Speed Yoyo most often, but that’s just me.