Have someone here try this?
What is Y3A all about?
is this like Team YoYoJam?, i mean yo get also sponsored by yomega?
so sponsored right?, so free yo-yo’s!  ;D

how can you be one of them? ↓ ↑


some tips please!  :wink:

On the second one, go to the top of page and click back to mambers home page. Go all the way down and click sign up for team Yomega in a white box. First name, last name, e-mail, submit.

I joined and all that really hapens is that you get a news letter evory couple of months and you get cupons sometimes, to be on the actual team they have to pic you.

Is it really worth it? What are the coupons like?

Like you buy this much you get this much off or you type this code and you get this much off blah blah blah. It’s really not woth it and if you get sponsored their yoyos arent even that good.

but if you think its worth it, do it. its better than nothing.