Does anybody know how to get to the members only area?

Hey everyone, I just the other day signed up to be on Team Yomega, and after working on UFO a few days I was going to go back to the members only area again to work on another trick to try to get past Ooch’s Crew, but when I got on Yomega’s website, I saw they changed the site and now I can’t find how to get to Yomega’s member only area anymore. Could someone please tell me how to get to it, or if they don’t have it anymore?

On a side question; How often is Yomega’s team member newsletter?

I believe that Yomega no longer has a team and has removed the page during maintenance.

By the way, welcome to the forums!

Also, here at YoYoeXpert, we have many tutorials that you can learn.

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Actually I am not new on here(I have been on here since July 24), I just went back to UFO(I skipped it at first, because I just could not even get it, but I can do it a little bit now.) just to be on a yo-yo team.

I am actually trying advance tricks on here. Do you know any other well known(just to know it is safe) yo-yo teams I could try to join, maybe with tricks on the site, and if it has yo-yos to buy on the website(needs to be safe to order from), cheap yo-yos to buy.(Is Yomega going out of business? I have seen quite a few yo-yos that are out of stock.)

Thank you for the welcome, I really like this website.

hahaha. Wow. How have I not seen you here? I feel ashamed.

Also, you should not go into join a yoyo team just because you want to reap the benefits but rather join the team because you would like to help the team as a whole. Teams find you, not you find the teams. Well, YYE’s store is safe to buy from and there is a yoyo trick site called

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It was just that if I try to join a team it would keep focused on working more at the tricks. I was just saying a yo-yo team that was well known so then I would know it was safe to join, and I did not care if it did not have a shop, it was just in case it did, it would be safe. I have read about people joining teams, so I didn’t know if there was a team that anyone could try to join, and I would be constantly challenged to learn new tricks.

Where do you live? Maybe there is a team close to your area.

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I live in central Illinois. Are the any yo-yo teams in central Illinois? If there’s no team in my area, are there any online teams that would challenge me to learn new tricks?

Haha i live in Illinois

hey do live by Centraila Illinois i live in Indiana but i visit my sister at college in centraila

No, I don’t.

A few days ago I sent an e-mail to Yomega before I started this discussion, and I found out that, first of all, Ooch’s Crew has been combined into Team Yomega, and second of all, to join Team Yomega, all you have to do is sign up and start playing, but you are still encouraged to learn how to play to the best level you can. So, I have just one more thing to say, I am on a yo-yo team, and that team is, Team Yomega.


the “members” area has a pretty stupid password .
The password is “member”
unless they changed it:

I will say that again.

There is a point to the password, and it should not be described the way it was

The only reason I called it [anonymous word] is
because its so obvoious