Those that are interested in joining a team...

Teamyoyorock has wanted to start up his own team and was interested to see if anybody would be interested. You can check out the site:
I’m already a member there.

Yeah so those that are interested, join the site, and talk to teamyoyorock if you have any other questions (he just joined our site but is on yoyonation so its legit).

What is the function of the team? What do you promote?

We are spread out around the us and canada but we are forming a team competition ready. Put a post on the blog on my site for more info

I know it’s off topic, but I just wanted to quickly welcome you to the forums.

Hi teamyoyorock, welcome to the forums, and i am signing up to be a member and would be honored if i could join your team, i have my youtube account which is so yea