yomega has been ramping up their game recently, everything from new releases, to new revisions and even some players.

Recently Yomega released 3 yoyo’s under the same name. they gave them the fitting name “YO-MOD” each with a secondary name and color to aid in it’s classification and what it comes with (ranging for SUPER RESPONSIVE, to smooth and unresponsive and blue is right in the middle), the lightest color is the most responsive (Green) and the darkest being the least responsive (Black).

now what makes these throw’s names so fitting?

the answer is that these yoyo’s come in peices! that’s correct, individual parts, you put them together. after that, all the parts from all 3 can be swaped with each other and make the perfect yoyo for the player. the cost of these yoyo’s isn’t all that steep either, at 19.95 they should be easily obtained.

they look and overall design is heavily based on the well known “Hot Shot”, however it’s more angled and slightly more edgy. however, the interesting part is that these all use a “C” sized ball bearing. the "PRO-SPEED (black) comes with an un-shielded 10-ball bearing, and the other two come with a standard shielded 6 ball. all the bearings come lubricated, so cleaning them may be something you desire to do.

some stats of these yoyo’s are:

abbreviated for Green - Responcive
60 grams
C bearing
plastic covered aluminum
and rubbered responce

abbreviated for Blue extreme2
64 grams
C bearing
plastic covered aluminum
and soft silicone response
this is the semi responsive version

name is pretty self-explanatory
69 grams
10-ball, unshielded C bearing
plastic covered aluminum
HARD silicone responce

so, how’s it play?

uuuh, pretty dang well if you ask me, they’re just as marketed, they’re stable, smooth, and very enjoyable to play with. they aren’t uncomfortable to shove in a pocket cause they’re not “hard edged” and aren’t super large, but not undersized either. something i’m sure most people will keep as a daily throw, they aren’t expencive at 19.95 that makes them in the ball park of the duncan FHZ, Adgele PSG and astroid as well as the YYJ Legacy II, and YYF DIE-NASTY, and it plays on parallel or better than those.

if you are looking for a nother throw to change up your style, or even just mess around or expand your collection, give the YO-MOD’s a try.

Good review. I got a set and I’m pretty happy with them. They do play pretty well. They also fit any C size bearing which is cool. I put a center Trac bearing in the pro speed and it plays great.

Lol the Pro-Speed is 69 grams?

Any pics of these? Yomega hasn’t updated their website.

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I’ll post some photos in Just a little bit. Sorry for the long delay.

I own the black one (pro speed)

It vibes and rattles like heck because the bearing interface is inferior to the “solid axle” designs of YYJ and YYF plastics.

YYJ and YYF use tight fitting spacers to hold the bearing’s inner ring, while the yomega uses a through-axle that is too small for the inner bearing ring, with flimsy loose spacers on each end. Because of this small difference between the through axle diameter and the bearing inner ring, it is impossible to center the bearing on the axle causing the nasty vibe and bearing rattle.

Combined with the old fashioned high wall and small string gap (4.0mm) , on dry stock bearing, it runs out of spin time very quickly doing combos involving cold fusion, skin the gerbil, and revolution variants.

But it is very comfy to hold.

the bearing seats are extrememly picky on these throws no doubt, make sure to adjust it. the high sidewalls do make horizontal tricks quite difficult for sure, i haven’t had any issues with cold fuzion, skin the gerbil, or revolutions with the bx2 or the prospeed. i have done it on the gr (revolutions) but it was a 1 time this thus far.

my cheapo glow in the dark QIXIA plastic spins way longer and much better than this $20 yomega, and i’m fairly sure the reasons are because it uses the same kind of spacers as YYF and YYJ plastics, and that its a V profile instead of highwall butterfly.

I think this yoyo was a good idea but the spacers system ruined it for me. And whos going to spend $60 like the advertisement to buy all 3 to mix and match? For less than $60 you can get something that will outplay all 3 of them.

It’s funny. I saw these in a toy store at the mall a couple weeks ago. I really wanted to buy one because they looked good. I ended up not getting it because PNWR was a week away. I’ll get the black one next time I go.

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