yomega raider;problemfixed!(edited)

the raider:fast,stable,smooth,forgiving,epicly fun!

specs:Diameter:58.45 mm / 2.30 inches

Width:35.17 mm / 1.38 inches

Weight:53.4 grams

Bearing Size:Yomega Bearing

Response:Starburst (Raised Plastic)

this was my first yoyo(i have moved on , kinda)and for a beginner it was fantastic! Easy to throw and great for conditioning against the pain brought on by cotton string during looping triks. This yoyo is very easy to get back to the hand even when you mess up relly bad and it flops out on you; it is verry forgiving. The raider looks great(the newest design)and has several see through colors including a deep cherry red, a yellow green(which is very bright),and a light yet deep blue. This yoyo comes complete with a yomega bearing and spacers making it a trans axel like yoyo. The axel is permenatly fixed to one side and is only threded on the verry tip(most of it is smooth). For a looping yoyo spin times are fantasic and if you dont have the sting wrapped around too many times it is smooth aswell.

PROBLEM:The response wich is a plastic starbust on both sides is unrelieable when trying to hop the fence, or do anything besides straight up looping or around the world. I have used 3 diferent raiders, all the same model and year and only one was reliable. The response is either too lose or to tight.

FIX: I could not, for some reason get the response level right.The raider WAS either too little or too much, however; I used one drop v4m lube in the bearing( without sheilds) and the wraped the string around the yoyo 3 times, this was perfect! IF YOU CAN FIGURE OUT HOW TO GET THE RESPONSE RIGHT THIS YOYO IF MINDNUMINGLY EPIC .

(sorry for the horrible review that i posted before my edit) I as a public statement would recomend this yoyo too anyone, beginner or intermediate or even advanced.
this was a first and quick review , just a statement. i know it’s messy and i appologize, i will do any other reviews in a much more profesional manner. feedback,yes…troll,up to you…thank you

I have a Raider, too. I don’t love it but I totally understand the sentiment in your first yoyo. My Duncan Imperial is pretty special to me, and all its dings have a kind of value. Good review!

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