Yomega Raider won't sleep ??


Hi guys

I’ve just got my Yomega raider out of the drawer and realised the reason it was put there in the first place. The reason is no matter how hard I throw it it won’t sleep.

I’ve had this issue since I got the raider and never been able to solve it. Everything is stock and even with the baring lubed with Yomega brain lube I still can’t get m raider to sleep.
I have a fireball and that sleeps fine along with a Duncan bumble bee and a couple of team Losi yo yos (cherry bomb and da bomb) which I can sleep and use fine so it’s can’t be my technique.

Is there some way to fix this issue ???



Probably too much lube in the bearing. Clean it. Also make sure the string is not double looped on the axle.


I know the string is not double looped as you dont need to with a baring yo yo.

As for too much lube on the baring it was like this from day one when I bought it. I will give it another clean and see how it goes.

Could it be a seized baring ??

As I’ve noticed there is some corrosion on the spacers



Sometimes any lube is too much. Just give it a good cleaning and see how it works. If it is too unresponsive after that lube it lightly. It’s best to remove a shield from one side for cleaning and lubing. With Raiders it’s easiest to just pry out one shield and throw it away. I’ve never been able to see the clips that hold the shield on on a Raider.

On the string, yes I know it’s not usual to double loop a bearing yoyo but check it anyway. Yomega used to recommend that on Raiders.

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There are a few possibilities.
First you need to make sure that it’s not the bearing. Put it on the tip of a pencil and spin it, it should roll smoothly.
If it’s not bearing problem, check the gap width. Spin the yoyo while paying attention to the string. If it’s screeching/grinding the response, then either the gap is too narrow or string too thick/fat. In this case, using thinner string may fix the problem.
Also, is it the very old model with plastic spacers or the newer with metal spacers? If it has plastic spacers, it’s most likely overtightened.
If you could take photos of the gap with and without the string, that would make things simpler.


Hi guys
I checked the baring and it moved ok but was not totally smooth. I then took the baring shields off and cleaned the baring in mineral spirit. I left it in there for just over an hour. After this I dried the baring and checked again (I used a pen not a pencil lol) and the baring is a little better but not totally smooth and free running. I use a tiny dab of Vaseline on the tip of the needle and it’s still no smoother.

I reassembled the baring and it now sleeps for a few seconds but is not spinning smooth so I suspect the baring is damaged.
The raider is a back one with metal spacers and the 2 little skull logos on. I will post some pics later when I get home.

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Then it’s definitely a bearing problem.
Try thick lube instead, vaseline kills spin time a lot.