Yomega Raider


My Raider has become unresponsive and it wasn’t when I first got it. I haven’t had it that long…What is up? How do I get it back responsive.


lube the bearing.


Really, I know sometimes it may be difficult to find where posts would go, but really?!?! This should go on Maintenance. But anyway, put some thick lube on the bearing




To really lube the bearing up, you might find yourself needing to take the shields off. So I’m told. I had the same problem with my Raider and it sits in my case because I haven’t gotten around to prying the shields off (which is a permanent thing for that size of bearing, by the way) yet.


Maybe he was thinking the unresponsive was prventing him to do 2a “tricks” so he put it here :smiley: at least he didnt put it in contest information haha


the raider is one of my favorite yoyos, i’d add some lube if you like, or i’d tightnen it down ever so carefully, changing the string also helps tremedously.

if your wiling to throw a small amount of money at it you can get the nylon spacers, and modify them like i have done here:

you wont need to change the axel or bearing, as those are in it already, just the spacers.

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