What If?

What do you do if your non responsive throws become responsive? ???

I changed strings and it helped a little bit but is still responsive, what else can i do besides change the response pads because i’m a little short on money.

Clean the bearing. There’s tons of guides in the mod section of the forum.

If its sounding different, it’s probably the bearing.

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I cleaned them the other week because thats what my brother said and its not really helping. :confused:

What yoyo is it and how old are the pads.

A few quick tips…

Check your string tension/replace string.

Check your bearing, if it doesn’t spin freely with a flick of the finger it needs to be cleaned/replaced. If cleaning doesn’t help, you can remove the shields for a more thorough cleaning. Sometimes players with pets find pet hair and other debris in the bearing that keeps it from spinning freely.

Check your pads. Sometimes pads can be so worn, that they affect placement of the string allowing the string to snag.

Check your bearing seat/area. It’s possible that the bearing seat/area became damaged while removing the bearing. Especially if the bearing was removed with pliers.

Which yo-yo are you having this issue with?

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99% of responsiveness problems are because of dirty bearings, even a Raider can be unresponsive if the bearing is clean enough.

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and the 1% :wink: this is the most common Problem across the forums one option is clean the bearing in suggested cleaners(mineral spirits, acetone pain thinner ect.) also lube after you clean and use the tiniest amount possible, I gave all of mine a pin head of lube, and they are still a little responsive. Just lubed throws are going to be responsive for a little while. Also take a cotton swab and dip it in rubbing alcohol, and clean the bearing seat. Look in the bearing for dirt maybe small pieces of rock plastic, and anything preventing it from spinning freely. Hope This Helps!

what liquid did you clean it in?

That’s what I was wondering too.

I dont know what the liquid is, my brother gave it to me and showed me how to do it, and the throw is a crucial A.Y.C.E.

I would clean the bearing put a little lube in it check the bearing seat and usually if none of that works I just run or clean the bearing with soap and water. This usually does the trick at least for me.

SEriously, I would not do this.

In fact, I can’t make my Raider properly responsive at all. :slight_smile:

Lube the bearing - brain lube. Though I use white moly grease in a couple of mine.
Be sure to remove the shields to lube it.

That might be part of the problem-- the shields. I have gooped the living schnutz out of it with Brain Lube, but I don’t know how to remove the shields so I’ve been hoping it gets inside somehow.

How do you take the shields off that sucker?

It can be very hard a strenuous. (Which is why I run mine without shields.) you have to take a needle and find the very small gap in the C clip around the edge of the shield and get underneath it with the needle. Then once you get under it, pull it out. Then your shield should just fall out. Be careful to not let the C clip fly away though. There should be a video on YouTube. I suggest you watch it.

The only way I’ve found to remove the shields on the small yomega bearing is to just pry them out and throw them away. Never was able to find a C clip on them.

I’ve never seen a c-clip either; not sure how to even pry them out. Maybe a needle will be able to get in at the edge? Or a tiny flathead for eyeglasses… I’ll give it a try later; thanks guys.

(sorry for thread derailment!)