How come all of my yoyos are becoming responsive!?!?

A while back I was playing with my chief and it became responsive. I cleaned the bearing and it was good for like another 20 mins, and then it became responsive again. I thought it was weird, but I decided I would just play it responsive. Now some throws its responsive and some throws it’s not.
On Christmas my brother got an A.Y.C.E… He played with it non stop for 2 days and it became responsive. We cleaned the bearing, and put in a brand new spec x. After another 2 days it became responsive again?
Now my cliff is responsive. It is really bothering me and I don’t understand why they are doing this. All the bearings were already broken in(except for the spec x), so idk what it could be. It wasn’t cause it was dirty cause I tried cleaning the bearings.
Please help.

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What cleaning method are you using? If you are applying lube then it will be responsive for a short while, but with constant play it should become unresponsie

What were you cleaning the bearings with? Are the response pads old and worn down?
Are there multiple loops of string around the bearing? Are you using Lube? Is there any more info you can give us?

No it’s not tangled. I take the shields off and put it in lighter fluid for 10 minutes.

Oh and no lube.

Lighter fluid is not the best method of cleaning. Did you let the bearing dry? Did you blow it out with compressed air? Are you in a place wear hair can get it to the bearing very easily?

I have them in my case and no compressed. I put it on a pen(with the shields off) and spin it till all the lighter fluid Is gone.

Hmm, are you using thick string? Is the bearing making grinding noises?

No I’m using kitty string. In the cliff it’s making a really loud noise and the chief and A.Y.C.E are silent.

Hmm, you might want to blow the bearings out… Do you have any Carb Cleaner? It’s what I use and it works perfectly for cleaning bearings.

You might have to break in the bearings, the lighter fluid may have left some residue in the bearings.

The bearings are broken in, but I will start using carb cleaner.
Thank you.

Take a bearing out of a yoyo that is not responsive, then put it in your A.Y.C.E., cliff, or cheif, then put the old bearing in the non-responsive throw.
if your A.Y.C.E., cliff, or cheif, is still responsive, its the yoyo.
If it is not responsive, its the Bearing. if your non-responsive throw is responsive its the bearing.
If your non-responsive yoyo is non-responsive, then thats just weird.

Hope this helps!

How long should I keep it in the carb cleaner?

This might sound weird… But I sometimes spray it while it’s spinning, don’t do that, you might get hit by it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, put it in a jar or something, shake it around, leave it in for like 1-5 minutes… It sometimes works instantly for me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope it works out for you!

Ya I put it in the jar,I’ll leave it in for like five mins then.

After that… Put it on a napkin, leave it there for one minute, flip it then, leave it there for another minute.

Let me know if it works!

Thanks for the help! Oh and I lost one of the skinny things that hold the shields in. Is it bad to play the bearing with no shields

Did the carb cleaner work?

Yup! Completely unresponsive! Thanks!

Awesome! The lighter fluid probably had some substance that got stuck in the bearing.

Glad it worked for you!