Unresponsive Raider

I got a raider about a month ago to get into looping, It worked pretty well for a while, then it started becoming unresponsive, I lubed it with brain lube and then tried 3 in 1 oil, it just won’t respond.

I am also having the opposite problem with my Legacy. It was getting really loud, so i lubed it with some thin lube. I have played with it for a day and it is Resopnsive! If anybody could tell me what i am doing wrong, that would be great ??? ???

Try double wrapping the string around the raider bearing.

For the Legacy, you have to break in the bearing. Just play with it a lot.

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Did the raiders you bought have the metal bearing spacers with them? If so then put the red ones in and it should be fine. If not then find someone that can CRANK them.

The legacy: Sounds like either you put too much lube in it or there is something still in the bearing. Did you deshield it before you cleaned it? If so take at least one shield off when you clean. Both would be better. Clean it then use some compressed air to blow out any unwanted objects or left over lube. Then just a pin’s drip of lube shared on a few of the balls.

Despite popular wisdom the raider was never designed as a pure ‘looping’ yo-yo and extensive modification is require to have it perform at the elite level (and even then constant maintenance is required). As mentioned lube and multiple looping of the string around the bearing will increase the response and have it loop or you can add a Duncan friction sticker.

good luck 8)