modded raiders adivice/help?

ok i have modded a raider already…but i have a few questons… many times should i crank it??i only crank it once because i am not strong enough to crank another and im scared it will crack so its not that responsive but still great

2.what lube should i use best?currently im using thick lube but i dont think its that great…what other oil works great for looping?

3.sometimes its unresponsive and it will turn into around the world and hit my head

  1. Test how it loops between each crank. When you find it to loop perfectly like a modded raider should, you have cranked enough. Remember to unscrew it between every crank to remove stress from the plastic.

  2. You can use 3in1 oil. I have also heard of people melting vaseline. Thick lube should work fine. Yomega makes lube and Duncan makes some lube aswell. Just play around until you find something you like.

  3. Then you have too little lube, a worn string or a wide gap.

Remember to use shortened string.

thanks for the help but lol im not strong enough to crank it again…and i think my gap is very small already…or maybe i sanded the plastic spacer too short…
i play with shortened string…and i use ALOT Of thick lube but tends to be unresponsive sometimes

sigh i need help guys…

It does need a tight gap, so make sure you crank it enough.

my gap is already small until the beraing is almost covered by the string so do i still need to crank it?

you have been a great help pheenix, thanks

As said, you should test how it loops between cranks. And when it loops as wished, you are done. You should try to use some 3in1 oil, I have heard that it works well.

how should we know if we overtighten too much or not?

Just stop cranking when it loops good.

Fixed :wink:

Proper Grammar is a necessity :slight_smile:

Ok, chances are you’ve cranked it enough. If you don’t have the strength to continue, you’re probably over-cranked already.

The issue is most likely going to be lubrication. The thick YYJ doesn’t always do the trick. Vaseline works miracles in this regard. Been using the stuff for looping since the 90’s, and see no reason to stop. :wink:

Get some Vaseline, more commonly known as petroleum jelly. Vaseline is just a brand name. Any PJ will do. Now, you can either use flame to liquify some into the bearing, OR you can unshield the bearing and pack the stuff in. And I do mean pack. FILL the bearing with it. You’ll throw most of it out with a few minutes of play, and should be getting close to top performance shortly thereafter. Back in the day, folks used to just leave a bearing sitting in the plastic container the goop comes in overnight. You can try this as well, just leave the container somewhere relatively warm.

thanks guys now i have a very good awesome raider.thank you pheenix and docrobot…hey doc the vaseline worked great thanks lol