Yomega Xodus II

I don’t think you guys have an Xodus II review on the site so I guess I’ll throw one up for guys. Here goes.


My girlfriend knew I was just now getting into a bit of 4A. I talked about getting a 4A throw but never got around to it. To my surprise here she comes with a Yomega Exodus II. I don’t know if it would have been my first choice for a 4A yoyo but I got it so why not use it?


I’m pretty sure they’re going for around $18-22 (new) everywhere. My girl bought mine for $20 I think. Not a bad price in my opinion… Especially if you buy it locally and don’t have shipping prices to worry about.



It wasn’t packaged too bad but really nothing special. It was wrapped in plastic that wasn’t actually that hard to rip. Usually I have to take a knife or scissors to rip that sort of plastic up but I just pinched it real nice and tore it open. Actually, a plus for me because I hate wrestling with packages. Inside the package there was an extra string (which sucks) and a CD ROM with tricks or whatnot. To be honest I haven’t even watched the CD ROM but I’m sure it’s nothing to go crazy about. As far as that goes, the package is nothing to start a craze about.



It looks okay at best (IMO). Has a decent butterfly shape. The color combo I got was black with red rims. The overall look isn’t too attractive but I’ve seen worst. I absolutely hate the font that the “Yomega Xodus II” is written in. The rubber rings feel pretty durable but grippy. The gap looks moderate. One thing I noticed was it felt kind of heavy (yoyowikia says 80g). For me that’s good because I prefer a heavier yoyo for this kind of thing. Pretty much goes down to personal preference here, but my rating is:



On first throw I was actually surprised how well it did on the string. I did a forward toss and caught it on the string and to my astonishment, it spun for around a minute and a half. I didn’t throw hard or anything, it was just a “feeler” throw. The small bearing works well for this yoyo. I’ve yet to test to spin limits on the yoyo but I always get enough spin time to do what I want. It binds okay (has a starburst response) but some of the binds are rather weak. I never really have a problem returning but the response system could certainly be better. The worst thing about the yoyo is the rubber rings are too grippy and bouncy. Several times I dropped the yoyo and the rings gripped and unscrewed the cap. I had to search for the little spacers and bearing afterward. The yoyo also has this weird effect that when it hits the ground, it grips and bounces off in a random direction. When learning 4A, this can be frustrating. Everyone knows 4A is frustrating enough. :slight_smile: The good thing is it can take a lot of drops. I’ve dropped it quite a bit and still works good. The yoyo is steady on the string and doesn’t vibe (I’ve read reviews where people say it does vibe). My thoughts…



If buying online isn’t an option and you have a Toys’R’Us right around the corner then this will do. If you’ve never done any 4A then you’ll also be happy with this. However, there are better options if you have the resources for around the same price. It’ll be so much better than that old Mosquito you tried 4A with but you’d probably like a BigYo or Fiesta more.


“NOTE: I’LL GET PICS UP SOON WHEN MY CAMERA GETS HOME :)” For now, use yoyowikia as referance. http://yoyowiki.org/wiki/Xodus_II

i had one a long time ago. i didn’t really like it and i ended up accidentally stepping on it and breaking it. I didn’t do 4a (cuz i was a beginner) and that is when i got my legacy.

Yep, I’d rather use a Duncan Imperial than this for 1a.

That was a really nice review. :wink: I use this yoyo for 4A my self, and in my opinion it is okay. The problems are the bearing size, and rubber rims. The yoyo shoots across the room when you miss a catch. :stuck_out_tongue: Well, anyways, again, that was a great review! :smiley: