Yomega Xodus 2 Review

I went to Toys RUs and I saw the Yomega Xodus 2 I bought that and the Duncan Freehand.

Shape = Wing
Weight (g) = 79.70
Width (mm) = 38.92
Diameter (mm) = 67.22
Gap width (mm) = 3.59
Bearing size = A
Gap type = Fixed
Stock Response System = Starburst

Look and feel
I like the look of it, I bought one that is black with blue rims.

Play right out of the box
When I first threw it, it vibrated quite a bit, especially if the throw is crooked, and when the string rubs the starbursts.

Play after lubing the bearing and axle.
When I got tired of the virbating, I opened the yo-yo I saw that the axle looked dry so I lubed the axle and bearing. After playing with it, and breaking down the lube, it has become unreponsive.(Today I practiced Plastic Whip, and I can’t even do it on a responsive.) It still does vibrate a tiny bit if it rubs on the starburst, but not enough to affect play.

The only thing that is a negative to some is that it is a little harder to do more advanced yo-yo tricks, but to others it would not be a problem, because I have been improving on it, I have been doing Skin the Gerbil on it, and then I tried it on my DM, I was able to combined it with the Matrix and Dr. Strange. It has became one of my favorite yo-yo, I like it as much as my DM, because it is just so fun to use.

P.S.Please let me know if there is anything I need to improve at.

Thank you for any help,


nice review i dont see anytihng that needs improvment.

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Nice review, although considering that the Xodus II is an offstring yoyo, you should test how well I plays in 4a.

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Thank you for the help.

I would review the Xodus 2 for offstring, but I am not experienced enough to make a review on offstring yo-yos.

Oh, okay. That makes sense.

It’s an A size bearing ;D

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Really? I thought Yomega had irregular sized bearings known as E bearings. I have an Xodus II, but I am too lazy to see if it fits in my FHZ to see if it is an A. :stuck_out_tongue:

pictures and its a 4a, as mentioned above, so do some offstring with it.

nobody can do plastic whip on a responsive, LOL

i can not that hard

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I remember somebody saying that. Ed (I’m pretty sure it was ed) did plastic whip on both a No-Jive and a Speed Beetle.

ed can do plastic whip with a rock with a string on it


Thank you for letting me know, it is now fixed.

Do you know where I could find a tutorial on it, or could you tell me how to do that?