Xodus II... opinoins?

I actually love it it is my first off string yoyo… and other opinoins?

Best looking Yomega I’ve ever seen. Looks like a YYJ Synergy lol

My friend has it. It’s only good for offstring, can do 1A, not well though. 5/10. :-\

yeah, 1A is a little hard with it because you have to rush them, but for off string its awsome!

I consider it a pretty decent 4A player, Though I’d go with a Hayabusa or Bigyo anyday over the Xodius.

yeah im getting a BigYo!!!

good wth off string. good choice

for off string i prefer flying panda

The Xodus 2 is a good 4A yoyo if you are looking to do some tech 4A.

But for more flashier tricks and combos, its not the best.

The problem with the xodus 2 is that it has some very grippy rubber, meaning that if you miss and the yoyo hits the floor, it will take off like a rocket and you will have to chase it.

Its also a bit heavier so it really hurts to get hit, much more so then other 4A yoyos like the bigyo and the aqua.

Thanks to its slightly smaller size however, tech 4A is perfect for the yoyo.

1A wise, its rubber pretty much takes away any ability to do grinds.
But the yoyo is a fun throw.
I used my xodus in a video a while back and it really has some smooth play.

Now they do feel a bit heavy, but for me, this is no problem in 1A.

Great yoyo, not the best of em all, but its certainly a yoyo that I think every player should have.


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awsome! great over view! thanks!