starting offstring, some questions...

So, im starting offstring. Just to branch out a bit, I’ve only done 1a, and can do like 5 loops for 2a… I have some questions about offstring

1. All I have is a yomega xodus 2, is that an okay yoyo? Im not sure if I want to do off string, so I dont know if I want to buy a new yoyo…

2. lets be serious, is off string going to be very difficult to master? Will knowing 1a help me with it?

3. Silly question here, its 4a, right?

4. What do I learn after the basic throw,catch,bind?

thanks you guys!

1: The Xodus 2 kinda blows. You can get started with it but I really recommend a Go Big, Fiesta XX or even a Shinwoo Griffin Wing if you want to go cheap. The Xodus 2 breaks rather easily.

2: Depending on how you take to it, 4A isn’t terribly difficult to get into. I was throwing and catching almost immediately. Some of your 1A stuff will apply. Mastery, well, who knows. I find all this yoyo stuff difficult. I can do some 4A.

3: Off-string is 4A. Is that what you mean?

4: Learn the basic throw/catch/bind. Then barrel rolls, sun, pops and you’ll start feeling good. After that, L/R pops are good to learn. Whips and open whip binds are fun too. Learn Inifnite Star, you’ll really think you’re onto something and it looks darn cool too.