offstring players..

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How much time did you take to learn throw catch and bind and which yoyo did you used for your first offstring try…


Not long, maybe a couple hours for consistency.
I used a YYJ Big-Yo
I now use an YYJ Aquarius sometimes.


You can get it down in about a day of practice, just check out some tutorials on how to start off. I’ve only played my yyj go big and it’s a great starter yoyo, many people recommend it for beginners.

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I first started offstring when I was still a relatively new beginner, so i probably took longer than some, but I took about a month to really master the throw and catch. The time was probably lengthened by the fact that I was using a FAST 201.


I started on a duncan metal drifter good because you can change the gap size. I learned really fast it took like three days to learn throw and catch and quickly moved on to tricks and sometimes I would launch it really high and run around and catch it to practice catches also it was really fun. I’ve used two zeekio apollos which both broke then I got a yoyo recreation aeronaut and it broke so the yoyo I use now is a second aeronaut. In the future I hope to get a zeekio saturn v.


Xodus II and I got a day or two after trying.

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I used a FH2 with low response. Took forever to get it down.

Now I have an Apollo 2 8)


I am by no means a “good” off string player. But I have dabbled in the style a fair amount.
My first try with off string was with a Duncan flying panda some years ago, and surprisingly I landed my very first offstring throw the very first attempt! Then failed about 9001 times after over and over, but yay! I was consistent at something! Right? Right? cries
But yes, the throw and catch learning period varies for every individual. If you are learning on a bigyo, of course there will be less room for error than a smaller 4a yoyo like the panda I was using, but of course you don’t want to get “spoiled” by the bigyo.

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You mean more room for error.