yomega raider


I hate to be that guy, but that was so badly made. First off you don’t even have the string on the right finger, and you’re not throwing hard enough either for it to have enough momentum to come back to your hand. It doesn’t even look like you can correctly and consistently hit a trapeze even if you had a 1a yoyo. You didn’t discuss any history of the yoyo. You didn’t discuss it’s playability, let alone use it for the right style. You need to find a quiet time and place to record, get rid of any distractions. Just hang a solid color blanket on the wall and point a lamp at it and it’ll look a whole lot better. Hate to be so negative but it was a bad review overall, you didn’t properly show the Raider’s true potential.

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You should wait a bit before you post reviews. And as for the inability for the Raider to do tricks, the Raider was my first yoyo and with it i managed to get to trapeze and brain twister so it is a good yoyo thats capable on helping beginner.

I think you put in a good effort, but it does need some refining. For example the Raider isn’t an imperial shape, but a modified shape. Using modified shapes for string tricks can be done. It is more difficult, but over time it can improve your accuracy.

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Tyler Severance throws with his pointer.

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I know for a fact that he broke this habit. I know him in person and I have asked him. It gets in the way of many tricks involving multiple fingers on each hand.

Well ok then.

Doesn’t make it anymore right or OK.