Noob here need advise...

Hey all want to get into Yo Yo’ing but not sure what to buy. I just wanna buy a Yomega for now since they are the only ones I can find around here at ToysRUs then maybe I will buy a better one online later.

It’s between the Yomega Raider an Yomega Hyperwarp (Only 2 kind they have). I know it’s kind 2 different styles but not sure what one would be best. Only had a yo yo a few times as a kid so don’t really know any tricks but the very basics

Are String or looping tricks better for a novice? I want the Hyperwarp but its like $25 plus tax at a store while the Raider is only $15. On Amazon though I could buy a Maveric or Dash for cheaper than a store bought Hyperwarp. You think I should just buy they Raider then when I decide to by a string trick yo yo go for one of the 2 chooses above?

Opinions, thoughts? Thanks for the help

Actually you can do both looping and string tricks with a raider. I have both. The narrowness of the hyperwarp makes it about the same as the raider for hitting string tricks. I’d get the raider, then look online for something else that suits your fancy. The Yoyojam Journey is a nice yoyo for very little $$.

With the raider you can try both and see what you like. Seems more people gravitate towards string tricks. Looping is actually a lot harder than it looks.

I would say just buy a legacy online. It will be cheaper than the raider, and will take you a lot further

Good luck!

I would very highly recommend the yoyojam classic. I would say it’ll definitely outperform the raider or hyperwarp. If you’re going to order one though, and you’re actually serious about wanting to get into yoyoing, I would suggest ordering a normal C sized bearing, as well as some polyestery string (10 or 25 pack should do just fine) with it.

Go for the legacy 2 very easy to use and plays well for what it is.

A Raider is good fun to have around, but it won’t grow with you much (er… at first… oddly enough, you can come back to it once you’re really good and enjoy it!). I’m not saying don’t get it… I’m saying get one with the expectation that you’ll probably temporarily replace it sooner rather than later. :wink:

It’s a pretty miserable looper once it’s all broken in. Mine went unresponsive and I can’t even loop with it anymore. Been meaning to figure out how to deshield and re-lube it (lubing actually makes it MORE responsive, not less! Seems counter-intuitive for newcomers until you sit down and really think about it!) but meh.

It was absolutely fantastic for landing my first string tricks like Man on the Flying Trapeze (and his brother), somersaults, and a few others. I had problems with Split the Atom, and around then I ordered my first purely “string trick” yoyo. I used it to learn to bind while waiting for the Dark Magic II to arrive. I mean, it would have come back to my hand regardless, but it gave me something to practice the right motions with.

Thanks for your help guys

Get a YYJ legacy. Also *advice

sorry to hijack this, but…

A couple of things you can do for better response…

  • put one duncan sticker in. Works fairly well.
  • to lube it, just pry the shield out. Then use a light grease for lube.

I say you buy a Yoyojam Classic here, and it will do all that you need to learn. When you’re ready to do unresponsive tricks, you will need to get a new (wider) bearing for it.

Out of those two?? Uhhhhh the Raider, I guess. Buuuuuuuut, since you’re already on HERE (YYE) you might want to go to the “shop” section at the first page. You could buy a Whip or a YYJ Classic or a different beginner throw.

The raider is for looping and very easy beginner tricks. Get a Classic for 10 bucks and 3 shipping and you will be able to learn Begginer through Advanced. I also have seen Velocity’s at toysRus for 20 dollars you can Loop play responsive and unresponsive.

Velocities are great, but even unresponsive, they’re not for looping. Not the right shape at all.

But otherwise, good advice. The Velocity OR the Classic will get you far enough along that you’ll still be learning new tricks with it when you say to yourself, “I think I want a more impressive yoyo… just because…”.