Beginner just getting started with yo-yoing

I recently just started yo-yoing and I need guidance on making the yo-yo sleep. I throw the yo-yo and it spins at the bottom for a while then it moves left to right. I’m making it spin but it just moves

What yoyo do you have? Inadequate equipment will yield inadequate results.

I have the yomega raider

Raiders have a ‘modified shape’ (compared to imperial and butterfly/wing). Because of this, the weight isn’t very spread out as it is with a wing-shaped, so there’s less stability (or balance).

Three things you can do to [hopefully] correct the problem you’re having:

  1. Work on throwing straighter. Since the weight isn’t spaced out, there’s more opportunity for the yoyo to tilt to either side.
  2. Throw harder. In combination with a straighter throw, they will increase spin times and prevent tilting from happening too quickly.
  3. Buy a different yoyo. The Raider is great to get you introduced to the world of yoyoing, but if you wish to pursue it further, you’ll want to look into different models. Not only will you be able to learn more, but you’ll be able to learn EASIER, since most modern [butterfly] yoyos are much more forgiving than what you currently have.

The Yomega Raider is designed for looping. Though a very popular style (not as much nowadays), I assume you’re looking at doing 1A, or string tricks, and the Raider isn’t very good at those.

^^^ exactly what Links said. If I were you I would buy a YoyoJam classic they are $10 and can add a large bearing and change response pads for advanced play in the future



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