what next?

hi, ive been yoyoing for about 2 weeks now… i have a Yomega Raider. It has an Imperial shape to it, which makes it BRUTAL for string tricks. i need to order a new one, but until i order one from online, what tricks can i learn with it? ive learned (and perfected) the Brain Twister, Trapeze, and Double or Nothing. along with the tricks in the Beginner section (other than that damn UFO!). ive started with the Split The Atom, but the Split Bottom mount is extremely difficult with this yoyo

anyway, i was jsut wondering what anyone suggests i learn with this yoyo before i get a butterfly shaped one.

thanks for the help!

Honestly bud I think you should check out the tricks in the looping section of you want more than you already know without having to buy a butterfly shaped yoyo

i recomend getting any of the following: YYJ Dark magic, YYF Velocity or YYJ kickside

You can do any trick up to advanced level 2 with a yoyo like that (personal experience) after that you might want to upgrade to a Insert winged yoyo here (I prefer the dark magic) if you want to excel much faster and get the tricks down much smoother.

in my opinion, the brain is usless. It’s shape is to hard to do string tricks with, (and once you get it on the string it dies quickly). Everyone says do looping with it, but it’s way too heavy. Plus it breaks really easy. It’s only good for learing to go up and down. Get a some of the ones listed above.

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For the record the Raider doesn’t have an Imperial shape. It has what is called a “Modified Shape” Imperial is where the Yoyo is like ( - ) That.

I learned Split the Atom on a Raider so…


im still trying the Spit The Atom, the mount is difficult on this thing.

im going to order a Dark Magic as soon as i can though…

thanks for the advice.

That’s the way to go! You’ll definitely improve!

I learned all my string tricks, up through Atom Bomb (Or Barrel Rolls, I think the official name is) on a modified shape responsive style yoyo. Definitely invest in a Butterfly shape, way easier to mount. I’m still old school, and haven’t figured out binding, so my protostar pretty much collects dust.

Getting into a split bottom mount is easier if you seperate the mount into two sections, momentum wise. Throw; then offhand pointer into the string gently setting the yo-yo into motion away from you. <All step one. Then mount with the yo-yo hand pointer into the string as it comes back to you. <Step 2

Get your yo-yo hand pointer really close to the yo-yo (just like with trapezes), and bring the yo-yo as high as you can in front of you. Seeing the gap is half the ball game!

stop and go and btw nice you got double or nothing and trapeze down in 2 weeks with a a imperial shape yoyo

i just realized how stupid that sounds lol

yea lol

i just bought a Yomega Prospin, its got the wings on it, and i learned the split bottom mount and half of Split The Atom, i also got better at my double or nothings.

i made the yoyo unresponisve to practice binding… >:( grrr. haha. the sleep time isnt very long though.

anybody have experience with the YYF Grind Masters??? im curious about those. i like the pull start feature

Meee tooo!!! I had a fireball haha once i got to the point where i didn’t have enough spin to do the matrix twice, and then i finally purchased a speedmaker! ooooh the memories…

There’s actually a ton of Yoyofactory yoyos with hubstacks. The Grind Masters are discontinued and long gone. If you want a cheap plastic yoyo with hubstacks, get the Plastic Grind Machine Version 2. They sell it here under Grind Machine. Also a lot of other manufacturers have something similar to hubstacks.

is it a good yoyo though? i want to know how it compares to the Dark Magic or other yoyos of that degree.

I like it a lot better. It has good playability. It’s your preferences though. I like the PGM2 way better in my preferences. What matches your preferences the best? And also don’t get a yoyo just for the hubstacks. Trust me. You’ll learn later. :wink: