Yomega Power Brain xp review


I bought this yoyo a few days ago, and it has held up pretty well. I have been using it 2-3 hours a day, occaisonally banging it on the floor or hitting something with it, and it has only gotten a few minor dings and scratches, making it a good yoyo for little kids. I would only get it if you are a beginner or have a little prior experience. One of the reasons I bought it was because of the switch feature, changing it from auto return to free-spinning. If that is the reason you are buying, then I would instead recommend buying the brain and fireball from yomega. The free-spinning feature does not work very well. It is VERY responsive without lube but if you add a drop of oil it suddenly sleeps twice as long and won’t come back up unless you give it a ton of slack, so be careful with oil. The first time I applied lube, it was sleeping when I did a light forward pass. In general, this yoyo is good for begginers or maybe early intermedate yoyoers.


Odd. All lube makes your yoyo more responsive, and sleep for shorter amounts of time.


That’s with a bearing. Power Brain XP are plastic transaxles (plastic sleeve around a metal axle). Plastic on metal has a reasonable amount of friction. The lube reduces the amount of friction.

Power Brain XP is a fairly awful way to spend $10 now that I know what I know (ie. hindsight is 20/20), but without having bought one I wouldn’t be here today. It was the yoyo I bought when I thought to myself on a whim in a box store one day, “Hey, I could pull out some of my old tricks to show my son!” and the instruction book hadn’t gotten any better. Hello internet, hello modern yoyo. Hello, YoyoExpert.com!


I liked mine. It helped me learn how to properly throw a sleeper.

And they are exceptional loopers.

Although, I prefer the Fireball.


Whoops, your “looper” comment made me go, “WTH? Are we talking about the same thing here?” and we are not.

Mine is the Power Brain XP Wing. It’s a pretty clunky yoyo. Any tool will still get you started, though, and I’m thankful for that. I learned my sleepers on a wooden Imperial-shaped yoyo, and I learned my first trapezes on this thing and a Raider. :smiley:


Ah, I totally forgot the Power Brain XP was a transaxle Facepalm