Brain Lube


So I like to lube my yoyos a lot but I’ve noticed that using my Yomega Brain lube makes my yoyo more responsive. I was wondering, is Brain Lube is thin or thick?

(yoyo jake) #2

its extra extra thick


it is thick it makes yoyos more responsive


Much too responsive. If you can get your hands on a lube called YYJ “Thin” Lube, you could add some to the bearing with the brain lube in it and it should be less responsive and spin longer. Best to do this with the bearing off the axel. Hope this helps.

(Mitch) #5

From what I understand Brain Lube is very thick and great for looping


Responsive: Thick AKA Brain lube is one of them Unresponsive: Thin: I can only think of Yoyojam thin lube. Don’t use the Brain Lube and think it’s an unresponsive lube. Bad choice. So just keep that in mind! O0


THICK as can be. well probobly not as thick as can be but it is extra THICK