Lubing my yoyo

A while ago, I got a yomega raider and some yomega brain lube. Recently, I have been using yoyojam yoyos a lot for 1a and they are starting to need lubed. Is it safe to put yomega brain lube on a yoyojam? (I would need to lube a dark magic 2 and journey if it makes a difference)


Safe but the brain lube is VERY thick and your yoyo will be VERY responsive.

All yoyo lubes are safe for any yoyo bearing.

A Yomega Raider is a modified shape and is intended for looping tricks and will benefit from some thick lube.

1A yoyos are typically wing-shaped/butterfly shaped. They will also typically need thin lube.

As the Yomega Brain Lube is a thick lube, you’re not going to want to put it into a wing-shaped yoyo unless you want it to be responsive.

Since you’re talking specifically about 2 wing-shaped yoyos(DM2 and Journey), I recommend getting a bottle of YoYoJam thin lube. Other equally suitable options are YYF thin performance oil and One Drop VM4. My choices are the YYJ thin lube and One Drop VM4. I just haven’t tried the YYF lube yet, but I can’t see there being any problems with it.

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It’s ok to use brain lube but it takes longer to breakin since it’s so thick.

I use brain lube in all of my yoyos w/o problems. It’s not that thick, and applied sparingly works just fine.