Will my YYF One work with Yomega Brain Lube?

I keep the UNRESPONSIVE bearing in it all the time…

Will Yomega Brain Lube work if I put some in it?

If I remember, brain lube is like ultra thick thick lube.

I believe it is thin.

P.S. are you advertising Tapatalk or something?

Brain lube is really thick lube, not thin in the slightest

Depends on everyones opinion and comparation. Brain Lube is considered very thick against YYJ thin lube. But it is considered thin against mollasses.

But, it doesn’t matter what lube you use. You can revert it easily. Thick lube makes it responsive, but do Gyro-Flops for 2 weeks continuously, and it’ll break in to unresponsive.
Or simply clean the bearing for reverting if results come in a failure.

Sounds like this is one of those “can you vs. should you” debates.

The thick lube will increase your responsiveness, which sort of defeats the whole wing-shape yoyo play concept and unresponsive play.

My recommendation is YYJ’s thin lube or YYF’s thin lube. That’s what you’re after. Don’t use the Brain Lube.

This but it doesn’t defeat the wing shape at all. Just challenges your skill level. I play responsive all the time like I’m playing unresponsive. Hurts at times but super fun.

I have experience with this and let me say the brain lube IS super thick. I put it on a DM like a year ago and it played responsive on the unresponsive bearing for months. It still does in fact. Even after I’d completely taken the bearing apart and appropriately cleaned it with mineral spirits, etc…If you want to keep it unresponsive I’d say don’t touch it with the brain lube…

Then you cleaned it wrong.


Ummm, brain lube used in appropriate amounts is not harmful to your bearings or yoyos. :wink: