Would Yomega Brain lube mess my bearing up?


Hey everybody,
I was just wondering, “Would putting Yomega Brain lube in the bearing I put in my Yomega Fireball mess up my bearing?”. The reason I ask, is because it is not a Yomega bearing, it is the bearing that came with my Fast 201, and it is the only thick lube I have, and I want it more responsive for looping.
Thank you in advance.
Keb(I didn’t know if this should be in the modification section or this section, if it is in the wrong section, then please let me know.)

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I’ve had experience with yomega lube and no it would’nt mess up your bearing. The brain lube is pretty much the same as thick lube and will slow your bearing dramatically making it responsive.

Hope this Helps!


No it won’t. That’s kind of like saying that YYJ lube can only be used on YYJ bearings. Lube is lube. It can be used for just about every bearing that accepts lube.